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Electrical Wiring Book

Detailed Wiring Topics List

Electrical Wiring e Book with House Wiring Topics that are Fully Illustrated. A great electrical e book for electricians who are training for house wiring. Extensive topics about home wiring will serve as an electrician course, but written in an easy to understand format where the material may serve as a basic electrical wiring book for beginners. This ebook has been written by a licensed electrical contractor with over 38 years of experience including home electrical wiring.

Book Preliminary and Introduction          
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Introduction - Disclaimer
About the Author

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Home Improvement Electrical Wiring          
Home Improvement Projects
Planning the Project
Electrical Symbols
OHM's Law

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Electrical Safety          
Electrical Safety
Safety and Personal Protection
Safety on the Job
Safety in the Attic
Safety Under the House
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Electrical Hand and Power Tools          
Hand Tools for Electrical Wiring
Tools for Rough-In Wiring
Battery Power Tools

Data Com Tools
Specialty Tools - KO etc
Testers and Meters
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Electrical Parts and Materials
Material Sections:

Wire and Cable
Boxes and Enclosures
Gutters and Pull Boxes
Wiring Devices
Lighting Controls

Electrical Wire and Cable          
Introduction to Wire and Cables
Circuit Cables
Service Conductors
Wire Fasteners
Wire Connectors and Splicing
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Electrical Boxes and Wiring Enclosures          
New Construction and Remodel Boxes
Special Boxes and Accessories
Ceiling Fan Boxes
Weather Proof Boxes
4-Square Metal Boxes

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Electrical Conduits and Fittings          
Surface Conduit and Boxes
Conduits and Fittings
Flexible Conduits and Fittings
Conduit Bodies
Conduit Benders and Bending

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Wiring Gutters and Pull Boxes          
Large Boxes - Gutters, Pull Boxes
Enclosure Box Applications

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Receptacles, GFCI Outlets and AFCI Wiring Devices          
Receptacle Outlets 120 Volt
Receptacles and Circuits 240 Volt
AFCI Breakers / Circuit

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Light Switches and Lighting Controls          
Light Switches
Dimmers Switches*
Timer Switches and Controls
Home Automation*
Light Fixtures and Lamps
Lamps and Light Bulbs

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Hardware, Fittings and Fasteners          
Lighting Hardware
Screws and Hardware
Box Fittings and Bushings

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Electrical Code Tables          
Wire Ampacity Tables
Grounding Electrode Conductor
Conduit Fill Table
Box Fill
Underground Covering

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Home Electrical Power          
Electrical Service to the Home

Alternative Energy for the Home

Generator Panels
Transfer Switches

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Wiring Electrical Panels and Sub Panels          
Main Electrical Service Panels
Overhead and Underground Electrical Service
Overhead Electrical Services
Underground Electrical Services
Underground Service from a Pole Mounted Transformer
Underground to a Pad Mounted Transformer
Underground Conduit Installation
Sub Panels
Junction Boxes and Pull Boxes
Circuit Breakers
Multi-wire Circuits
Aluminum Wire
Copper Wire
Panel Neutrals*

Panel Grounds
Detached Building Grounds
Circuit Grounds
Grounding and Bonding
Service Equipment Grounding
Ground Rod Installation
Foundation Ground Water & Gas
Grounding Outlets
Grounding Switches
How to Ground a Breaker Panel

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Electrical Construction Permits and Inspections          
First Inspection
Rough-In Inspection
Room By Room Inspections
Final Inspection

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Home Electrical Wiring Methods          
How to Mark General Locations for:
Plugs, Light Switches and Exhaust Fans

How to Mount Electrical Boxes:
Outlet Boxes
Light Switches and Exhaust Fans

Drilling Methods for Installing Electric Wire:
Drilling across stud framing
Drilling Up through framing
Drilling Down through wall plates
Drilling to Install boxes for outside lights

How to Install Wire:
Home Runs and Circuit Cables

How to Make Up the Wires:
Ground Wire Connections

How to Strip Wire
Wiring Light Switches
Wiring for Receptacle Outlets
The Difference between Parallel and Series Wiring
Wire connections for 240 Volt Appliances

Attic Wiring:
Lights and Receptacle Outlets

Wiring in a Crawl Space:
Lights and Outlets

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Electrical Wiring Plans for Specific Rooms          
Main House Wiring Plan
Kitchen Wiring
Kitchen and Dining Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Bedroom Wiring
Bathroom Wiring
Living Room and Entry
Laundry Room Wiring
Garage and Workshop

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Home Electrical Circuits          
Electrical Circuits for Specific Purposes
Panel Circuit Sheet
Circuit Planner - Example
Circuit Planner - Worksheet

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How to Wire 120 Volt Circuits          
20 Amp Circuit - Receptacles
GFCI Receptacles, Wiring Methods
20 Amp Circuit - GFCI Receptacles
20 Amp Circuit - GFCI Breaker
20 Amp Circuit - GFCI: Bathroom
20 Amp Circuit - GFCI: Kitchen
20 Amp Circuit -Garbage Disposal - Switched Outlet
15 or 20 Amp - Switched Outlets in Rooms
15 or 20 Amp - Switched Outlet Wiring
15 Amp Circuit - Lighting
15 Amp Circuit - Receptacles
15 Amp Circuit - Receptacles - AFCI
15 Amp Circuit - Smoke Detectors
15 Amp Circuit - Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fan - Installation
Ceiling Fan - Remote Control
15 Amp Switches
Single Pole Switches
3-Way and 4-Way Switches
3-Way Switches
4-Way Switches
Dimmer Switches
Bath Vent Exhaust Fan
Vacuum System
Whole House Fan
Jacuzzi Hydro-Massage Tub

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How to Wire 240 Volt Circuits          
Multi-Wire Circuits
240 Volt 4-Wire Receptacles
240 Volt 3-Wire Receptacles
Stove - Cook Top
Water Heater
Air Conditioner
Heat Pump

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Wiring Exterior Circuits          
GFCI Outlets
GFCI Outlets - Landscape Garden
Lighting Fixtures - Security
Hot Tub
Electric Vehicle Charger - EV
Well Pump
Septic System
Snow and Ice Melt

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Wiring Light Fixtures          
Ceiling Fixtures
Install Florescent Lighting
Upgrade Florescent Lighting
Make a Light Fixture
Swag Lights
Recessed Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Pendant Lights
Wall Fixtures

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Telephone and Data Communications          
Telco Data Com Service
Telephone Service
CCTV - Cable TV
Multimedia Home Entertainment System
Home Alarm

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Rewiring and Old Electrical Upgrades          
Electrical Safety Inspection
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Electrical Troubleshooting and Electrical Repairs          
The Most Common Electrical Problems
Basic Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Lighting Circuits
Troubleshooting Receptacle Circuits
Troubleshooting Tripping Circuits
Troubleshooting Circuit Lost Power
Articles for Test
How to Solve Window AC Problems

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Glossary of Electrical Terms          
Code Terminology
Glossary of Electrical Terms

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Tips for Purchasing Electrical Parts          
BONUS Section:
How to Locate a Good Electrician
Purchase from Wholesale Suppliers
Get Materials at the Best Price
How to Work Smarter not Harder

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Indexes of all Electrical Topics          
Index of Circuit Design Tables
Index of Electrical Codes
Index of Electrical Code Tables
Index of Materials
Index of Wiring Diagrams
Index of Wiring Plans
Index - Alphabetical
Reviews and Testimonials

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Electrical Resources          
Resources - Organizations
Resources - Wholesalers and Manufacturers
Credits and Acknowledgements

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