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About the Author

Dave Rongey
Licensed Electrical Contractor

Hi!, I'm Dave Rongey. For over 38 years, I have enjoyed all aspects of electrical work from custom homes to industrial wiring and building automation. I'm also an avid "Do It Yourself er", where I prefer to do most of our home improvement related tasks myself, however there are some projects that I hire experienced professionals to take care of. Let me work with you on your home electrical projects and increase the value of your beautiful home. I'll be packing years of experience into the pages of this website and project guides which have simple Step-By-Step instructions most anyone can follow.

Not long ago I decided to share my years of electrical experience so others could enjoy the ability to perform several do-it-yourself projects and improve the safety and comfort of their home, and have some fun in the process.

As a Licensed Electrical Contractor, I have seen too many do-it-yourself er projects that are serious fire and safety hazards that well meaning people have performed! "I don't want you to take a chance on doing your next project wrong and becoming a headline in your home town newspaper!"

Since 1972, I have been working in the electrical industry with experience in residential, commercial and industrial areas of new construction, additions and remodels. I have been recognized for saving thousands of dollars by implementing Energy Management and Building Automation projects for large facilities in leading fortune 500 companies. I have participated in several energy reduction projects with local electric utility companies where I helped customers reduce their electricity consumption. My love for wiring Custom Homes in some of the most beautiful areas in California and for some of the nicest people on earth has produced a level of satisfaction my family and I now enjoy.

My desire is that Home-Electrical-Wiring.com will be your source of the finest "Do It Yourself" electrical project instructional guides... period! You won't find another resource of any kind anywhere that provides you more detailed instruction packed with over 38 years of hands-on experience.

With a track record of satisfied customers, I am helping people everywhere realize their dream of saving money and enhancing their home with beautiful electrical projects, increased safety, and security.

I would like to help you too!

I'm looking forward to working with you on your next project!

Dave Rongey

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Dedicated to your Safety, Comfort and Efficiency.

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